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Harry Tracy Water Treatment Plant

Window Solutions Completes Window Film Installation for SFPUC’s Harry Tracy Water Treatment Plant

3M sun control and safety films were used for energy savings and safety measures.


The Harry Tracy Water Treatment Plant is key part of San Francisco Bay Area water system but is located almost directly on the San Andreas fault. This was highly technical job that required careful design, planning and installation.The job had two important objectives – increase the building’s safety and help reduce energy usage. For sun control, Prestige 50 was selected because of its selective wavelength properties. The safety requirement was satisfied with 3M’s Impact Protection Attachment system and provides 3M’s highest insurance that broken glass will stay in place in the event of an natural disaster, i.e. an earthquake.

Window film with 3M’ safety attachment system is a two part installation. First, the film is laminated to multi layer safety film and then the film is bonded to safety frames with either the IPP rubber or IPA structural adhesive.

This job was part of a $276 million upgrade. The upgrade will provide long-term improvements to the Harry Tracy Water Treatment Plant, a critical component of the SFPUC water system Harry Tracy Water Treatment Plant, enabling it to operate at full capacity.

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