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3M Thinsulate – Window Film

30% of all energy used to heat and cool homes goes out the window

3M’s Thinsulate Window Film Keeps Weather Where It Belongs – Outside!

Stay Cooler in the Warm Weather and Warmer in Cooler Weather

3M Thinsulate is an insulating climate contol window film. In colder winter weather, heat loss can be reduced by 38% and in warmer summer weather, solar heat gain can be reduced by 77%. Less usage of heating and cooling systems results into tangible energy savings for you–the consumer. It is as almost as effective a upgrading your windows from single to double pane but without the remodeling cost. Since it is virtually transparent, it will not effect your window’s exterior appearance.

3M Thinsulate Case Study – Renovation of Historic Landmark

In Minnesota, a recent state law mandated greater energy efficiency in government-owned buildings. The old Governor’s Residence presented a challenge. All of its windows are single-pane windows which are inefficient at keeping out cold air and blocking ultraviolet rays that can harm the building’s many historical artifacts. Thinsulate addressed all of these concerns. Residence Manager Amanda Simpson, who oversees a full-time staff of five at the residence, is pleased with the outcome.

“The window film reduces the heat loss and helps us maintain a comfortable environment. It also helps protect the furnishings in the house from exposure to the sun.”
– Amanda Simpson

Keep weather where it belongs – outside!

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